One of the big premieres coming television season became the intellectual-gambling “Greed” (NTV), the main prize of which is two million roubles. Is “Greed” famous former actor, now a businessman Igor Yankovsky.
– Igor, you are a successful businessman, and one of the basic laws of business, time is money. Therefore, we can assume that your appearance on NTV sort of promotion, advertising campaign?рекомендую Igor Yankovsky

– No, it is not. I’ve never had promotions and promotinga himself. The TV program is interesting to me as an artist. After all, leaving the theatre more than five years ago, I have not ceased to be an actor. And when I was offered the role of leader, something in my soul stirred suddenly, and I thought: why not to try yourself in this role, especially as anything similar I’ve never had. Tried. And was really exciting and interesting: a live play with real people for money.
True, some diversity of the actor’s manifestations in your work is not visible – the entire program you are on one note, one tone…
– Actually if you looked a little closer, you would have noticed that the range of intonations and emotions is quite wide. Another thing is that my work here is done, so to speak, in one direction, because the goal in front of me is all the time one and the same. This is to play the game, without losing a sense of humor, but to constantly present the excitement and spirit of competition that the players from happening in the Studio fun. That’s what I need to help them. You must keep the rhythm of the program, to send her to “not spread”, not turned into some intelligent chat over tea.
And about the search process is a continual of my condition, and not only in game but in life in General, I’m not a machine, which laid down a program.
– Who are the players – opponents or allies, you’re fighting with them or want to help?
– For me they are simultaneously friends and rivals. Of course, what happens in the air, is a struggle between us, but at the same time, for the hour of the game, they become my friends. So the right thing would be to say that I am in the middle between money (or rather, their owners) and players.
– By the way, how come in your program? And some of the players remembered to you during this time especially?
– Future participants send their biographies, pass through the qualifying rounds, tests, and conversations with psychologists, and then somehow compile the team. I myself in the selection of players plays no part. And to programs with none of the participants do not communicate. And after too – as soon as the game ends, they leave the Studio. Remember the episodes associated with the winning big money or, on the contrary, sad moments when someone is lost, allowing the absurd, ridiculous mistake. Both changes constantly, so focus on any one specific case is not desirable.
And something funny this time it was?
– Of course. Sometimes players give such phrase, that though stand, though fall. But examples also will not lead. They are all very nervous, and laugh at their mistakes, probably not good.
Transmission is still very young, perhaps there is still a lot of flaws that you would like to fix?
– I do not think so. There are only some small purely technical roughness. After all, Studio design, lighting, sound, computer software, installed by the British, the license and have not once checked. Small problems have arisen in adapting technology to our conditions. But, I repeat, stuff. So, for his provocative questions you will not be able to pull me from the criticism of the transmission. Why I criticize what I do?
– Do you watch your program in the record that feel interesting to you?
– I crunch over time, so with the TV I “communicate” not very often. Only saw two programs and, in principle, was pleased with himself. At this stage of the work I do, I think, is what you need. I myself program interesting and like it, but either way, I without any hesitation would have left the work of not for bread.
– Would you be interested to swap places with any of the players and to play as a member?
– Probably not. I do not playing for money are very rare. As a person deep down gambling, don’t want to Wake his passion. I know how hard it is to get the money and easy to give, they do not want.
– Are not you afraid that the program with its provocative title and the methods of fight between players does not correspond to our mentality and it can cause the rejection of some part of the audience?
– Of course, if someone the show don’t like it, let them watch something else. But in fact, the word “greed” comes from the verb to hunger, that is, to desire, to want. For example, to hunger for knowledge, hunger for love. Is there something wrong? Also do not forget that the title of this with a sense of humor.
Of course, living only for the sake of money is silly. But actually money is not our supercel. Know how great some players answer the question: why do they need the money? I remember the guy who said that to win wants to rebuild the Church in his native village. I asked him, he had it baptized or married? He wasn’t, just a person’s heart aches when he sees the ruins of the once beautiful temple. Someone wants to travel, someone open the school and so on. That is all they need the money for a step for the realization of their dreams.
– In a recent interview to Vladimir Pozner I was surprised to read that even he – TV – as- before air “sucks in the stomach”. Is there anything like that with you?
– What to say? Of course, worried and worried, because I’m alive. But overcome your apprehension is very simple – go up to the Studio, go out on the court and start working. Incidentally, much the same happened with me before every performance, when he worked in the theater.
– At the time you were a famous actor, played in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, starred in a dozen movies and all of the art is gone. Maybe it is because feel in the shadow of your uncle – Oleg Yankovsky?
– In any case. If I ever something like that experienced, you do not become an actor. And Oleg went to the art because my father is a great actor Rostislav Yankovsky, and it does not interfere. So I chose the profession and came to the theater quite independently and for more than 20 years something to prove on stage. I went for very prosaic reasons. Remember the beginning 90-x years – new productions do not put the films are not removed, acting almost none. And I got mouths to feed. In 1992 I created an advertising Agency. However, still some time continued to play and shoot, but then we had to choose one or the other. I chose advertising, which brought a lot of money. It does not tire of repeating that advertising is art. So I’m doing it.
– Heard that you very nicely finished his theatrical career.
– I took all of my friends to play “Restless spirit”, who loved, then made a Banquet and said goodbye to his acting past. Now go to the theatre only as a spectator. Occasionally, though, there are moments when the heart swells and I think, Oh, shit, play to something. And sometimes in the shower erupts even some nostalgia for the theatre, still there were a lot of good.
– What else in life you interested in outside of work and television?
– I like reading, especially historical literature. This morning on the way to work, looked in second-hand and bought a pre-revolutionary publication banned in the time, books about the reign of Catherine II “Around the throne”. Looking forward to the evening when, freed from business, will be able to look through their acquisition.
– If not a secret, and you yourself during the long winter evenings with a feather not potrebujete, the book does not write?
– Not on your Nelly. A thesis is written, and the book never threaten, and are not going. I always completely dissolve in the story, who themselves give no matter the theatre, television or advertising.